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FCA Qui Notes
March 20, 2023

Unraveling FCA Complexities: Supreme Court Decisions and Fiscal Year 2022 Recoveries

Qui Notes: Unlocking the False Claims Act

In the latest episode of Bona Fide Needs, Pub K Managing Editor Bill Olver is joined by Arnold & Porter False Claims Act Practice partners Tirzah Lollar and Christian Sheehan for a discussion on the Department of Justice's reported FCA recoveries for fiscal year 2022, as well as two FCA-related cases before the Supreme Court. Arnold & Porter Partner Mike McGill also shares his perspective on the cases involving the scienter element.

The podcast delves into the surprising drop in total dollar amounts recovered from fraud cases in 2022, as well as the potential explanations behind the decrease. Despite a down year for the Department of Justice, the number of cases resolved has increased, and it is noted that the government's appetite for FCA cases remains strong. The conversation also covers the possible impact on small businesses and individuals, as well as emerging trends in FCA enforcement, such as cybersecurity cases and those related to the Paycheck Protection Program.

This episode offers valuable insights into the current state of FCA recoveries and cases, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape surrounding government contractors and their counsel.

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