COVID-19: Keeping Consumers Safe—and Your Company Safer—in a Changing, Challenging Environment

April 8, 2020
Coronavirus: Consumer Products Webinar

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to a seismic shift in priorities for many businesses that provide consumers with goods and services. Having made changes to consumer messaging, manufacturing and/or distribution processes, or even altered the nature of the products being produced, businesses are trying to respond to rapidly changing needs in light of this health crisis. While trying to serve their customers in the quickest and best manner possible, though, how can companies protect themselves from private litigation and government enforcement action?

During this webinar, our panel of litigation and regulatory experts discuss emerging issues, including protecting against both consumer fraud and product liability private litigation claims and investigations by federal and state authorities, as well as managing the risks associated with various emerging regulatory considerations.

Meet the Speakers

Lori B. Leskin
Arnold & Porter
Sean Morris
Arnold & Porter
Raqiyyah Pippins
Arnold & Porter
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