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Navigating the Pitfalls of Cross-Border Investigations of Retailers—Are You Prepared?

April 29, 2020
Arnold & Porter Webinar-of-the-Month Club for Retailers

Cross-border investigations present some of the most complex challenges for retailers with global supply chains, introducing many potential traps for in-house counsel. As US authorities continue to expand their enforcement actions overseas, increasing the civil and criminal exposure for retailers and their leaders and employees, authorities in other countries are expanding this potential liability by increasingly engaging in their own parallel investigations or partnering with US authorities. Meanwhile, data privacy, state secrets, and other regulatory and statutory challenges can complicate a company's ability to respond. In these circumstances, developing and conducting a sophisticated cross-border investigation plan is critical to your defense.

This is the fifth installment in our Webinar-of-the-Month Club for Retailers, a series devoted to the unique legal issues facing retailers today. See our full schedule of webinars.

Meet the Speakers

Marcus A. Asner
Arnold & Porter
John N. Nassikas
Arnold & Porter
Daniel Bernstein
Arnold & Porter