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Banking & Finance Developments During the COVID-19 Crisis—Biweekly Update

August 6, 2020
Coronavirus: Financial Services Webinar

To help our clients navigate the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Arnold & Porter has established a Coronavirus Task Force covering a wide range of issues and challenges. Subscribe to our "Coronavirus (COVID-19)" mailing list to receive our latest client Advisories and register for upcoming webinars.

We are expanding our webinar series focusing on the CARES Act Title IV emergency financing facilities and related programs established by the Federal Reserve under Section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act to include additional developments affecting financial institutions, and the forces—legislative, regulatory, economic and technology—shaping them. In this segment, the first in our expanded series, we cover the LIBOR transition, including recent developments, an update on regulatory guidance, associated risks, best practices, and timelines/milestones.

Meet the Speakers

Lawton M. Camp
Arnold & Porter
David F. Freeman, Jr.
Arnold & Porter
Henry G. Morriello
Senior Counsel
Arnold & Porter
Arturo Caraballo
Arnold & Porter