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Antitrust Compliance from the Retail Perspective

Thursday, October 22, 2020
Arnold & Porter Webinar-of-the-Month Club for Retailers

From service innovation to international sourcing, retail companies face intense competitive pressures. Compliance with the antitrust laws helps companies avoid devoting time and resources to government investigations and private litigation, allowing them to focus instead on running their businesses. And, because actual or alleged antitrust violations can result in extensive discovery, lengthy court battles, significant fines, treble damages, and even prison time, antitrust compliance should be on every retailer's radar.


This webinar will offer some practical and effective ways to mitigate the antitrust risks arising from the following and other common business activities.

  • Working or sharing information with competitor
  • Pricing, including controlling downstream prices (or advertised prices) 
  • Working within the supply chain
  • Working within product distribution channels
  • Gathering competitive intelligence
  • Nonsolicitation or no poaching agreements
  • Working in trade associations, industry organizations or "task forces"
  • Exclusive buying or selling arrangements
  • Mergers, joint ventures and strategic transactions

Meet the Speakers

Francesca M. Pisano
Senior Associate
Arnold & Porter