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Chambers Global 2022 Ranks 35 Arnold & Porter Attorneys, 23 Practice Areas

February 18, 2022

The 2022 edition of Chambers Global named Arnold & Porter a "Leading Firm" in 23 practice areas across the globe. Thirty-five attorneys were ranked as "Leading Individuals" across the categories. Chambers Global includes rankings at a regional and global-wide level and ranks the firms best placed to handle complex international mandates.

The following is a list of the firm's 2022 practice area rankings and attorney rankings for Chambers Global 2022:

Practice Areas

  • Arbitration (International)–Global Market Leaders; Latin America - International Counsel
  • Bankruptcy/Restructuring: Highly Regarded–USA
  • Capital Markets–Latin America - International Counsel
  • Capital Markets: Securitisation: ABS–USA
  • Competition/Antitrust– Global: Multi-Jurisdictional; USA
  • Competition/Antitrust (International & Cross-Border)–USA
  • Competition: EU –Belgium
  • Corporate Crime & Investigations–USA
  • Corporate Investigations–Latin America - International Counsel
  • Corporate Investigations/Anti-Corruption–Global: Multi-Jurisdictional
  • Disputes (International & Cross-Border)–USA
  • Dispute Resolution: International Firm–South Korea
  • Intellectual Property: Patent–USA
  • Intellectual Property: Trademark, Copyright & Trade Secrets–USA
  • International Arbitration: The Elite–USA
  • International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions–USA
  • International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy–USA
  • Investigations & Enforcement (International & Cross-Border)–USA
  • Life Sciences–Global: Multi-Jurisdictional; Europe-wide
  • Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical Sector (International & Cross-Border)–United Kingdom; USA
  • Life Sciences: Regulatory/Compliance–USA
  • Privacy & Data Security–USA
  • Public International Law–Global Market Leaders

Individual Lawyers

  • Marcus Asner–Corporate Investigations (Latin America - International Counsel)
  • John Barker–International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions (USA)
  • John Bellinger–Public International Law (Global Market Leaders)
  • Lawton Camp–Capital Markets: Securitization: ABS (USA)
  • Maria Chedid–International Arbitration (USA)
  • Henry Clinton-Davis–Employment (United Kingdom)
  • Whitney Debevoise–Capital Markets (Latin America - International Counsel); Capital Markets: Debt & Equity (USA)
  • Paolo Di Rosa–Arbitration (International) (Global Market Leaders; Latin America - International Counsel; USA); International Arbitration (USA)
  • Niels Ersbøll–Competition: EU (Belgium)
  • Deborah Feinstein–Competition/Antitrust (USA)
  • Jonathan Gleklen–Competition/Antitrust (USA)
  • Neil Goodman–Capital Markets (Latin America-wide)
  • Patricio Grané Labat–Arbitration (International) (Latin America-wide)
  • Joel Greenberg–Corporate M&A (International & Cross-Border) (USA)
  • Axel Gutermuth–Competition/European Law (Belgium); Competition: EU (Belgium)
  • Luc Gyselen–Competition: EU (Belgium)
  • Gregory Harrington–Banking & Finance (Latin America - International Counsel; USA)
  • Steven Kaplan–Corporate M&A (International & Cross-Border) (USA)
  • Jun Hee Kim–Dispute Resolution: International Firms (South Korea)
  • Daniel Kracov–Life Sciences: Regulatory/Compliance (USA)
  • James Lee–Dispute Resolution: International Firms (South Korea)
  • Ronald Lee–Privacy & Data Security (USA)
  • Jonathan Martel–Climate Change (Global Market Leaders)
  • Saul Morgenstern–Competition/Antitrust (USA)
  • Henry Morriello–Capital Markets: Securitization (USA)
  • J. David Park–International Trade (South Korea); International Trade/WTO (Asia-Pacific Region); International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy (USA)
  • Nancy Perkins–Privacy & Data Security (USA)
  • David Reed– Dispute Resolution: International Arbitration (United Kingdom)
  • Sandra Rizzo–Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation) (USA)
  • Michael Shor–International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy (USA)
  • John Tan–Corporate Investigations/Anti-Corruption (International Firms) (China)
  • Monty Taylor–Dispute Resolution: International Arbitration (United Kingdom)
  • Christopher Willott–Banking & Finance (Latin America - International Counsel)
  • Matthew Wolf–Intellectual Property: Patent (USA)
  • Pamela Yates–Litigation: Trial Lawyers (USA)