Spring 2012

M&A and Corporate Governance Newsletter

In This Issue:

  • In Re El Paso Corporation Shareholder Litigation Demonstrates the Risks of Serious Management and Financial Advisor Conflicts and the Value of Effective Board Supervision of Acquisition Transactions – Diane Holt Frankle
  • What’s In A Name? The Disclosure Implications of Being an “Officer,” “Executive Officer” or “Named Executive Officer” under SEC Rules – Tracy A. Romano
  • Elections, Transition and Antitrust: What Can Companies Expect From US Antitrust Enforcement—Between Now and Mid-2013? – Claudia R. Higgins
  • Chancellor Strine Upholds Confidentiality Agreement in Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. v. Vulcan Materials Company While Providing Incentives to Draft NDAs More Carefully – Diane Holt Frankle
  • Early Lessons from the Wal-Mart Scandal – Amy Conway-Hatcher


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