Spring 2014

M&A and Corporate Governance Newsletter

In This Issue:

  • The Need for a Holistic Approach to Global
    Cyber Issues 
  • Delaware Chancery: “Poison Pill” Affords Only a Limited Defense to Activist Attacks 
  • Recent SEC Guidance on Social Media Use: Implications for Activist Campaigns 
  • DOJ Unwinds an Anticompetitive Consummated Technology Acquisition Under Terms Requiring More Than Standard Asset Divestiture 
  • EU Antitrust: Parent’s Liability for Antitrust Violations of Portfolio Companies and Joint Ventures 
  • Antitrust Merger Control: New Rules for Simplified Treatment of Less-Sensitive Cases in China and the European Union 
  • Unleashing the Dragon: The PRC Governmental Approvals and Filings Needed to Close Deals With Chinese Companies 
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