March 27, 2017

US & EU Competition Law—Merger Enforcement: 2016 Year in Review


2016 marked another year of heightened merger enforcement by competition authorities around the world. In particular, the competition authorities demonstrated a continued willingness to litigate merger cases, and conduct more data-intensive investigations of transactions and any accompanying commitments offered by the parties. The enclosed links provide two related reports highlighting recent trends in US and EU merger enforcement and summarizing formal actions taken by US authorities as well as a selection of noteworthy European Commission decisions in 2016.

These publications offer valuable insights about current enforcement priorities of US and EU competition authorities, which in turn may guide companies as they navigate potential transactions with an eye towards successfully obtaining competition law clearances.

» US Competition Law – Merger Enforcement: 2016 Year in Review

» EU Competition Law – Merger Enforcement: 2016 Year in Review

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