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European Competition Litigation

Competition litigation is one of fastest growing areas in European antitrust. Historically, competition issues tended to be pursued primarily by the European Commission and national antitrust agencies. This has changed. National and EU-wide agencies are encouraging so-called private enforcement of competition issues.

As a result, companies that have been involved in cartels are now regularly sued for damages by their customers. Furthermore, companies are increasingly willing to pursue damages claims against cartels operated by their suppliers.

This trend extends beyond follow-on damages. Competition issues in contracts are increasingly being litigated and arbitrated as part of a broader contractual dispute. Refusals to supply by dominant companies can lead to interim injunctions, particularly where the supply is so core to the business of the purchaser that it comes a 'betting the ranch' issue.

Our team of seasoned antitrust litigators has deep experience working with major corporations in such litigation, both as claimant and as defendant, whether based on an infringement decision or a self-standing dispute.

Our renowned global antitrust practice coupled with our sophisticated infrastructure and expertise, empowers us to provide strategic advice in antitrust litigation, be it in the EU, the US, or beyond.

We regularly defend our clients against competition litigation claims in courts and tribunals across the EU. Increasingly, major corporate clients ask us to pursue claims for them as claimants against cartelists within their supply chain. As a firm we are jurisdiction agnostic. Our EU team has extensive experience in building and leading some of the largest and most groundbreaking cases in various jurisdictions across the EU.