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Recent Developments in the Student Loan Sector

May 19, 2021
Arnold & Porter Webinar

Arnold & Porter’s Structured Finance & Derivatives team invites you to the first in a series of webinars on key topics in the structured finance and derivatives space. In this session, a cross-practice panel of speakers will discuss recent developments in the student loan sector.


  • Federal initiatives on student loan repayment in both federal and private loan markets
  • Student loan forgiveness and forbearance in student loan warehouse lending and securitization
  • Payment suspensions and borrower confusion in student loan servicing
  • Operational and legal concerns for third-party student loan servicers
  • Potential Biden Administration and congressional action on student loan forgiveness proposals and their effect on the student loan sector
  • Increased state and federal supervisory and enforcement focus on student loan servicing
  • Congress' potential nullification of the OCC's True Lender rule
  • Dischargeability of student loans in bankruptcy
    • Application of the "undue hardship" standard
    • Judicial trends
    • Proposed legislative reforms
  • Exclusion for certain employer payments of student loans under the CARES Act
  • Exclusion for student loan forgiveness under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Meet the Speakers

Henry G. Morriello
Senior Counsel
Arnold & Porter
Christopher L. Allen
Senior Counsel
Arnold & Porter
Benjamin Mintz
Arnold & Porter
Karsten Giesecke
Senior Counsel
Arnold & Porter
Michael Karol
Arnold & Porter
Amber A. Hay
Arnold & Porter
Gus Weinkam
Senior Associate
Arnold & Porter
Amy Davenport
Policy Advisor*
Arnold & Porter