Work/Life Programs

We strive to offer our attorneys and employees a flexible and comfortable work environment so that they may balance the demands of their careers with their personal interests and obligations. Some examples of things we do to promote a comfortable environment for everyone.

  • The Firm was one of the first law firms in the country to offer onsite full-time and back-up child care. The Firm operates and subsidizes an on-site Children's Center in our Washington, DC office that offers full or part-time child care, as well as 15 days of free back-up emergency child care. The Children's Center is a National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited and there are spaces for up to 62 children. We have priority access at off-site facilities near our Washington and New York Offices. Additionally, the Firm has emergency back-up care in our California, Colorado, Houston and Illinois offices, and back-up care is now available throughout the U.S., in over 300 centers, with up to fifteen free days.
  • As of today, we have approximately 9% of attorneys and staff who are part-time. Our part-time policy allows attorneys and staff who work at least 20 hours per week to qualify for health and welfare benefits. This schedule is provided as an option to help our employees balance their work and home lives, while still maintaining benefits. Two of our partners and counsel serve as Part-time Advisors to associates.
  • We offer flex-time and compressed work schedules so that employees can stagger or adjust their work schedule.  Some of our employees also work part-time schedules with shorter work days to allow them to get home early.
  • The Firm policies provide for a total of 18 weeks of paid leave for the primary caregiver of an adopted child or for a woman who gives birth to a child. Secondary caregivers for a newly adopted child or for a newborn child are eligible for six weeks of paid Secondary Caregiver Leave. This leave applies equally to attorneys and staff members, regardless of tenure with our firm. Primary caregivers can extend their leave for up to 24 weeks of job-guaranteed leave and Associates may use unpaid leave to extend their time away from the Firm for up to one year. In addition, we provide a contribution towards the cost of an adoption with no lifetime benefit. Our insurance coverage includes fertility treatments with a benefit up to US$30,000. To assist those who need to take leave to care for a seriously ill family member, we will provide up to six weeks of paid Critical Caregiver Leave.
  • Domestic partners and their children are eligible for coverage under our medical, dental, vision, and dependent life insurance programs.
  • Our "Healthy Incentive Program" provides a monetary incentive for our employees to stay fit and healthy. To augment this effort, we also feature an annual Health Awareness Day and Fitness Fair and an athletic facility open free-of-charge to all staff in the Washington, DC office.
  • Throughout our organization, we host a variety of family-friendly functions including "Take Your Daughters & Sons to Work Day," a summer picnic, a July 4th celebration, a Halloween parade, and a children's art show.
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