A generation ago, corporations,Deskbook on Internal Investigations, Corporate Compliance, and White Collar Issues even in regulated industries, allocated scant resources to legal compliance. There were few treatises or seminars to guide an attorney whose corporate client suspected wrongdoing by an officer or employee. There were no U.S. Department of Justice policy statements or amnesty programs from which to judge the risks and benefits of voluntary disclosure of a company's violation of law. The Organizational Sentencing Guidelines lay in the future, an unheralded and unforeseen revolution in organization sentencing philosophy.

As never before, in giving advice to corporate criminal and regulatory issues, a company's in-house counsel must have at least a working knowledge of the many issues that surround modern criminal and regulatory practice. The Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP Deskbook on Internal Investigations, Corporate Compliance, and White Collar Issues represents the beginning of the process of reaching that level of understanding. It can never be a substitute for the advice of experienced white collar law practitioners.

The Deskbook is divided into two parts. Part I addresses "process" issues, including corporate compliance, internal investigations, and government leniency programs. Part II addresses "substance," that is, selected, specific white collar substantive law issues, such as pharmaceutical drug offenses, the False Claims Act, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, criminal antitrust, perjury statues and money laundering.

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